In late September the temperatures were in the low to mid 70's during the day and in the low 60's at night. My favorite adventures were PTown Whale Watching out of Fisherman's Wharf and a Seal Tour out of Chatham. Also had a great time shopping. Skaket Beach has the best sunsets I've ever seen. The condo is in the perfect location on Skaket Beach in Orleans.

Rebecca D.

The July 4th week!

Everyday! Wake up to the beauty of the beach - ever changing views, but always the most beautiful in all the Cape - God's gift of the Skaket Beach Sunset! Snail trailing, scallop shell searching, Hermit Crabs hiding - just the daily discovery!

So much to do, never enough time! So many visits past, so many to come! Thank you Ted for sharing your peace of heaven with us!

Caroline R. Family

Windy and storm the 1st 2 days and then sunny and beautiful the rest of the week. Beautiful as always. The condo is very nice. We always enjoy our stay here. Thanks Ted.

Bob W. Family

It was good to be together as a family and enjoying the beach. It was great being back after 17 years! Thank you very much for making it possible. God bless you both!

Michael & Doreen P.

Our date of visit to Cape Cod was Oct. 2 to Oct 6. Spent our 22nd anniversary at Ted's condo on Skaket Beach. The weather was beautiful, breezy, sunny, comfortable and perfect! We watched 4 kite surfers, took 100's of photos. Loved every minute of sightseeing and enjoyed the restaurants and a great Jazz festival with guitarist Pat Martino in Falmouth.

Tom & Erin A.

The weather was perfect. Mostly sunny. Cool nights. Rained only at night. Thursday and Friday were glorious. Spent 12 hours at the beach those two days.

The kids collected at least a million Hermit Crabs, snails and live crabs and Boogie boarded in the surf. We made friends with the other condo dwellers on our private beach and watched the rock disappear at high tide. Ted - this is our fourth year and we are so grateful you share this dreamy location with us! Thank You!

Ed, Jan, Ann, Clara,
Linda & Allie F.

It was beautiful, sunny and warm everyday. Walks on the beach, trip to "P" Town were great. Watched a man on horseback when the tide was out.

Beautiful condo! Wonderful to see the water and the beach right from the condo. Coffee tasted so good on the deck!

Galloway's & Friends

The 2014 Season Begins Here!!!


May 28th to June 1st. Every year this place comes to me at the perfect time. It's like an escape from the real world at the exact moment I need to get away.


We dream of coming to the Cape all winter. It never disappoints!! Lucas had a blast as did Madison, Jim, Susan, David and Kelly.

Martha & Jim B. & Family

Perfect weather, 72° - 80° all week with some lovely sunsets.

We are so grateful to be able to return to the Cape and to Skaket, especially since this time, we got to introduce our 3-year-old son to it's beauty and charm. It was also great for us to reconnect with our East Coast family on Cape Cod. Thanks for a memorable week!

Jim, Marti, Jessica & Patrick M.

Unfortunately the weather was not good this year. We did a lot of shopping, sight seeing and eating out.


We have had two more little grandaughters. Riley is 4, Cassidy is 2 and the new one Danielle is 5 months. Can't wait until they are old enough to come and stay with us and run and play on these beautiful sands like their dad (Matt) and Aunt (Jen) did 40 some years ago.

Bob & Donna A.

The weather is great, but that's just a bonus. It's 5:30 am and I'm sitting in this chair with coffee and a good read, like I have done so many years before, looking out this window at a landscape that never changes. A sight that I never get tired of seeing. I'm thinking of the glorious day we had yesterday. I left my laptop at home, I'm keeping my cell phone off. With only the sounds of the fridge humming, the clock clicking, and the music of the wind blowing across the deck outside. It would be easy to live in this moment forever. This is a place that anyone in the world would want to be in, and right now, for a moment, it belongs to me.

David B.

This has been our 24th season here at Ted's and 28th year here in the condos. It is truly one of the most beautiful places in the world. The sunsets are spectacular and the tides are glorious. We've made special friends with all the neighbors here and love watching the kids grow up and the rest of us getting "mature". Looking forward to returning for many years to come

Gary, Francine & Emily C.

Children are 3 & 5 now. Been coming each year since they were born. It's magical. Old and new memories. Best sunset photoshots of the year. Thank you for the best week of our year! We love it here and look forward to the next time.

Brenda B.